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The North Shore Turkey Trot’s Official Charity Partner:
Highland Park Police Benevolent Fund®


The Highland Park Police Benevolent Association provides many things for its
members, Law Enforcement Officers and other law enforcement communities. The
Association assists during times of joy and sorrow, like when a relative of a member
passes away, the member is entitled to flowers for the funeral, food for their family,
and/or a donation to a charity. Or, when a member has a newborn, his or her family
is entitled to a baby shower gift (currently a onesie and gift card). The Association also provides relief to members of the larger law enforcement community around the state if one is in need due to illness or death. In addition, the Association provides amenities throughout the Police Department to improve the work environment of its members. Supporting our local law enforcement is important now more than ever, and that is why we partner with and stand by them. You, too, can support them by choosing to donate to the HPPBA during registration, and you can learn about their efforts here.